Jacketed, Lead & Copper Coated Bullets

These are jacketed, copper coated & soft cast bullets for sale only and not loaded ammunition. Our Soft Cast Bullets are cast from pure virgin 20-1 alloy and will measure about 9 BHN. Something that many bullet casters will tell you they do but when I have checked their samples they measure harder and have a dull finish of a bullet that has antimony in them. We also do something that none of the other bullet casters do and that is we operate legally by being registered with the US Department of State.

Please use the proper item # when ordering. It is up to the customer to use the correct bullet for his particular cartridge and firearm combination. Be sure you are using the correct bullet diameter, weight and lead combo! Using over sized bullets can create dangerous pressures! Many of the older military and sporting rifles have oversize bores and will benefit greatly by using bullets of larger diameter. Be sure to slug your barrel to find out if that is why your accuracy is poor.

FN=Flat Nose SP=Soft Point RN=Round Nose JHP=Jacketed Hollow Point Sptz=Spitzer X=Barnes X bullets FMJ=Full Metal Jacket GC=Gas Checked HB=Hollow Based HP=Hollow Point BT=Boat Tail J=Jacketed
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