Improved Tang Sights

Ordering Process for the Marble's New Improved Peep Tang Sight

1. Select Part # for sight base from this page. 2. Select Part # for all desired upright's from this page. 3. Select Part # for the screw set from our "Marble's Tang Screw Sets" page. Marble's has improved the classic peep tang sight to accommodate all shooters regardless of the distance that they shoot. The cowboy shooter and hunter both have asked to have the ability to shoot at 30 Yards out to 500 yards and in some cases 1000 yards with the same gun and sight. We have taken our popular Marble's Peep Sight that has elevation and windage adjustment and made it more versatile in the field.

setscrew the post is removed. Select the post height that you want and press the post into place firmly then tighten the setscrew. These high precision CNC machined parts match up every time for repeatabliity.

The sight includes the sight base for your gun along with an allen wrench for changing posts. Mounting screws and Uprights sold separately.
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