Tang Sights

The following Ukrainian made sights have proven to be an excellent option to your sighting needs and are now the number one selling sight in the U.S. They feature vernier markings on both side of the staff so left handed shooters will find it easy to use. Borchardt type elevation nut for easy, precice elevation adjustments. Machined from solid steel, no casting. You will really appreciate the Old World Craftsmanship put into these sights. The combination of quality and price has definitely come together making this a true bargain. Every Soul style sight comes with a Hadley type Eye Cup with 6 different aperture openings. Each one comes with a manufacturers unlimited time guarantee against defects to the orginal owners, so keep your invoice for proof of purchase! Offers precise elevation and windage adjustments to 1/10 of a minute, (.001"), with enough windage for 25 minutes either side of zero. With the newly designed base all that is needed to adjust the staff angle for your particular rifle is a screw driver. For added versatility the staff can be reversed in its base to fit most rifle designs. As of this writing these Soule sights come only with 10-28 (Remington, Sharps etc.) threaded tang sight screws. We are trying to carry all the different types of tang sight screws, so please ask. Be sure you are ordering the correct sight for your rifle. There are absolutely no returns on sights that have been mounted.

Not all of our popular Ukrainian made sights are shown here due to lengthy factory back orders. We will show them online again as they become available. We appologize for the inconvenience.
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