Kowa Spotting Scopes & Accessories

The Kowa 88mm body is produced from an magnesium alloy. The 82mm Kowa Spotting Scope uses an advanced carbon-fiber material which offers exceptional toughness and enables the scope to weigh just about the same as the previous 77mm model. The 82MM and 88MM series has passed the JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) for waterproof testing. The scope body is completely sealed and filled with nitrogen to protect the body from moisture despite foul weather conditions. Lenses and prisms are all fully Multi-Coated for a brighter and clearer view.

This is one area you definitely don't want to skimp on. I could retire if I had a dollar for each time I was in a rifle match and could hear other competitor's coaches tell them that they could no longer see the mirage when it was still visible through my Kowa Spotting Scope TSN880. If you are unable to see the mirage then you are losing one of the best indicators of wind direction and speed. As a matter of fact, this allowed me to beat my nearest competitior, and win a National Long Range Championship. Am I glad I had a high quality scope? You bet! By adopting one of the world's largest objective lenses (88mm), Kowa has increased the light transmission by 13% for a greater resolution, compared to their previous Kowa 82mm model. Newly designed eyepieces are available with a longer eye relief, which offers image sharpness with minimal distortion. Very important when wearing glasses.
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