Soule Sights

If you are used to small bore and high power sights then take a look at these. The sight windage and elevation adjustments move the same as sights on small bore and high power sights. Clock wise is down for elevation and left on your windage. These sights feature a slotted adjustable spring anchored by the front mounting screw (rear on Sharps). This allows proper indexing from rifle to rifle. Each staff will fit different bases so all you have to do is buy additional bases and you can swap the staffs from rifle to rifle. Each sight is machined from solid steel to precise tolerances. Thirty minutes of windage each side of zero on the Long Range Soules and fifteen minutes of windage each side of zero on the Mid Range Staff. The adjustable eyepieces are copies after antique Lyman sights. Each has five different size holes for use in varying light conditions. The scales, cut on a pantograph, are standard vernier. Baldwin staffs are approximately .040" wider than other tang staffs. This provides more stability, better durability and ease of reading.

Be sure you are ordering the correct sight for your rifle. There are absolutely no returns on sights that have been mounted.
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