Kelley Soule Sights

Buffalo Arms Co. is proud to introduce the Kelley Soule. Its advanced construction makes this sight stand out in its design and function. Elevation adjustment does not use the lead screw threads as a bearing but a silicon bronze bearing thus eliminating wear induced back lash in your elevation. The only sight using bearings for windage and elevation movements. Available for 1874 Sharps, Sharps Borchardt, Remington, Ballard, Winchester Hiwall and Stevens 44 1/2. Main frame and base color case hardened. Staff polished and blued. Silicon bronze elevation bearings. Silicon bronze windage bearings and knobs. Machine cut windage threads for close tolerance fit with staff threads. All parts are machined from solid stock to precise tolerances. 27 1/2 minutes of windage on each side of zero. Elevation calibrations are in one M.O.A. Staff is well marked and very easy to read. Extra interchangable bases available. Comes with adjustable eye cup. The Schuetzen sight has 113 minutes of elevation, the Silhouette has 175 and the long range has 300.

Be sure you are ordering the correct sight for your rifle. There are absolutely no returns on sights that have been mounted.
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