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The Black Powder muzzle loader guns, Black Powder Cartridge guns, cowboy guns and smokeless ammo firearms listed in this category are our current consignment firearms. Buffalo Arms reserves a five day inspection privilege on all consignment firearms. If you would like to have us list your pistols or rifles on our website, and on our promotional literature, please feel free to contact us. All consignment firearms are sold as is, so please inspect your purchase closely and take it to your local gunsmith for a safety inspection before shooting.
We charge a flat $125 consignment fee or 15% which ever is the least, with a minimum of $65. You must also leave it with us for a minimum of 60 days or pay a $30 fee for early return. If the firearm is returned to the original owner at any time the original owner pays for all return shipping and insurance. We are always interested in buying single firearms or large collections, so clean out that gun safe and see what you could turn into cash.
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