Kowa Model TP-105FT 105mm Protective Filter for TSN-99 Series Only

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Model TP-105FT 105mm protective filter for TSN-99 series only. The Kowa TP-105FT filter helps to protect the pure fluorite crystal objective lenses of the Kowa TSN-99 PROMINAR.

Featuring oil and water repellent coatings - it makes the perfect accessory for any owner of these premium optics.

Harsh environments such as sand and salt at the coast,an accidental fall from a tripod or contact with a sharp object can all damage the most sensitive and valuable area of a spotting scope - the objective lens, often causing irreparable damage to the coatings and the actual lens itself.

Damage to the front objective lens can drastically reduce the optical performance of your scope and is one of the most costly repairs to rectify, especially if you own a Kowa pure fluorite crystal model. Often the only option is to completely replace the front objective lens at great cost.

This type of damage is not covered by the manufacturers warranty meaning a possible expensive and lengthy repair.

Kowa recommends the use of a protective filter to protect a Kowa spotting scope. All Kowa spotting scopes are conveniently fitted with a filter ring* (a feature often not included in other manufacturers models) allowing the connection of a filter. This accessory will help drastically reduce the risk of objective lens damage, avoid costly repairs and ultimately prolong the life and enjoyment of your spotting scope.

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Kowa Model TP-105FT 105mm Protective Filter for TSN-99 Series Only
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