Thunderer 44 Special 4.75" Cowboy Revolver

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Cimarron imported Uberti made Thunderer Model Single Action Cowboy Revolver. To paraphrase the famed film director John Ford, "If this isn't the way the old west six guns were, it's the way they should have been!" Firearm buffs have often wondered why the single-action was never produced in the 19th century with the grips of the double-action Thunderer revolver. Now you can have the best of both worlds with this mating of two popular frontier six-shooters, one of today's most sought after single action wheel guns!

Specs- 44 Special, 4 3/4" Barrel. The frame and hammer are case colored, the barrel, cylinder and grip frame are blued. One piece smooth finish walnut grips (smaller grip than Model P). New in box.

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Thunderer 44 Special 4.75" Cowboy Revolver
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