Mid Range Upright for Marble's Improved T Sight

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This is the Mid Range Upright Stem for the Marble's New Improved Peep Tang Sight Base. This upright stem comes with one aperture, 3/4" .032 hole target aperture. The distance for the Mid Range Upright Stem is approximately to 450-750 yards. This stem is interchangeable with the Short Range Upright Stem(#Mar990100) with approximate distance of 0-250 yards, Standard Upright Stem(#Mar990110) with approximate distance of 200-500 yards, and Long Range Upright Stem(#Mar990130) with the approxiamate distance of 700-1000 yards. (Some guns can not use the Shortest Upright Stem because it does not clear the receiver to the lowest possible upright.) The distances will vary do to caliber, barrel length, make, and model of the rifle.Not for use with standard base, must be mounted on an improved base.
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Mid Range Upright for Marble's Improved T Sight
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