Lee Shaver Long Range Soule Sights

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These are the new Soule sights from Lee Shaver and his gang, they should prove to be a popular choice. Some of the special features about this sight that you may not find on others sights are; The elevation knob has five marks on the top of it, each being a 1/2 minute of angle apart. Hidden spring washers are used to keep the play out of the elevation and windage adjustments. The detent spring is designed to be held in place with one of the base screws and is adjustable so you can adjust the angle of the staff. A Hadley Eye Cup comes with each Soule sight. The elevation marks are graduated in .010" increments (approx. 1 MOA). The windage knob is graduated in .0025" or about 1/4 MOA with a clockwise turn to move your bullet impact to the right. A total of 23 minutes of windage each side of zero on the midrange and 25 minutes on the long range.

There are absolutely no returns on sights that have been mounted.

The soule sight for the Pedersoli Gibbs rifle must be drilled and tapped for this sight because the factory screws are not strong enough to hold the tang sight spring. Comes with 10-32 & 8-40 tang screws. The 85 Hiwall tang sight comes with additional screws to fit, Uberti, Japan, Pedersoli, Meacham & Original 1885 Winchester Hiwalls.

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Lee Shaver Long Range Soule Sights
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