Puff-Lon Lubricating Ballistic Filler

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Puff-Lon is a lubricating ballistic filler. Testing of Puff-Lon has shown: An increase in the accuracy of any flat base bullets with black powder or smokeless powders. Replaces wads and gaschecks. Isolates grease wads. An increase in the longevity of a firearm. A decrease of the total maintenance of a firearm. Increases in accuracy on cartridges with large air spaces such as black powder cartridges loaded with smokeless powder and sub-sonic rifle ammunition. Greatly cut down throat erosion. More reliable cycling of gas operated automatics especially with reduced loads. Ending first round-pop in some suppressors. Works with manual or automated powder dispensers.

Contains 500cc of Volume, approximately 7,700 Grains.

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Puff-Lon Lubricating Ballistic Filler
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