Puff-Lon Lubricating Ballistic Filler/Wad

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This product is the way to go for those looking for a way to load reduced recoil loads for large black powder cases. Testing of Puff-Lon has shown: An increase in the accuracy of any flat base bullets with black powder or smokeless powders. Replaces wads and gaschecks. Isolates grease wads. An increase in the longevity of a firearm. A decrease of the total maintenance of a firearm. Increases in accuracy on cartridges with large air spaces such as black powder cartridge rifles using smokeless powder. Greatly cut down throat erosion. More reliable cycling of gas operated automatics especially with reduced loads. Ending first round-pop in some suppressors. Works with manual or automated powder dispensers.

Contains 1500cc of volume, appoximately 22,000 grains.

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Puff-Lon Lubricating Ballistic Filler/Wad
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