Harrell's Precision Culver Black Powder Measure 6-120 Grains

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Harrell's Precision Classic Culver Black Powder Measure with a 6-120 grain capacity. This measure is made for the discriminating shooter, the person who insists his measure look and perform as good as his fine custom or benchrest rifles. It has Harrell's finest double roller bearing construction. The top and bottom unscrew and are anodized green. The center is polished and nickel plated. We think this is the finest classic designed Culver measure ever. You simply can not buy a better made, more durable, longer lasting, better looking or more accurate measure at any price. Try one for yourself, see and feel the difference between this measure and an ordinary custom measure without the roller bearings. You will agree there is a difference.
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Harrell's Precision Culver Black Powder Measure 6-120 Grains
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