Harrell's Precision 6-90 Grn Custom Culver Measure

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Harrell's Precision Custom 90 Culver Measure. Designed for varmint hunters and target shooters who need to throw 6-90 grains of powder. This measure has the same quality as the most expensive measure but without all of the expensive bells and whistles. The handle is quicker and cheaper to produce. A thumb screw holds the drop tube in. The baffle is a steel washer instead of a machined brass one. The body is machined aluminum that has a hard coat anodized with Teflon in it. This is an extremely hard durable finish. It is almost wear proof and is so hard sandpaper won't even scratch it. In this way Harrell's Precision was able to take much time out of the manufacturing process without any sacrifice in accuracy or quality. This measure has gone through independent scientific testing to be as accurate as any measure ever produced. This powder measure comes with a SMALL plastic hopper and we recommend this for smokeless powders only.
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Harrell's Precision 6-90 Grn Custom Culver Measure
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