Peltor Electronic Muffs Low Profile with Back Band***Discontinued***

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Peltor Tactical 6S Electronic Hearing Protector with behind the head back band so you can wear your cowboy hat. A very compact electronic hearing protector. Originally developed and engineered for military long range listening, it will amplify the full range of audible sounds up to 100 yards yet allow you to hear normal conversation over loud noises. Instantly shuts out loud gun fire but allows normal conversation to be easily heard. Who hasn't had problems hearing their spotter over all the noise at a shooting competition? This product is the answer for us shooters that already have a little difficulty hearing with out ear plugs. Uses 4 AAA batteries, (not included), for 200+ hours of use. Noise Reduction Rating 19 Decibels,(when used as directed). (The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30, higher numbers denote greater effectiveness.) The Tactical 6S limits amplifies low level sounds to 19 dB and limits amplified sounds to 82 dB.
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Peltor Electronic Muffs Low Profile with Back Band***Discontinued***
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