MD 1897 12GA Hammer Pump Shotgun-Repro of 1897 Winchester

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Authentic reproduction of the popular Winchester 1897 12 Gauge Hammer Pump Shotgun. Manufactured by Polytech in China and imported by Cimarron. These shotguns became famous when the U.S. Army used the M1897 variation in World War I trench warfare, becoming known as "The Trench Gun", feared by the Germans for its ability to clear a trench fast and effectively. Winchester made these shotguns from 1893 to 1957 in various grades and barrel variations, with production peaking at approximately 1 million units. This is probably the most popular shotgun in cowboy shooting circles because of its speed and accuracy. This storied history has been faithfully reproduced here for your shooting experience, incorporating the latest manufacturing technologies to retain the classic look and feel with modern enhancments which add to the safety and performance of these guns. Comes with an American walnut stock with rubber butt pad, 12 gauge 2 3/4" chamber, 20" barrel, standard blue finish and the magazine holds five rounds. Firearm weighs approx. 7.15 lbs.
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MD 1897 12GA Hammer Pump Shotgun-Repro of 1897 Winchester
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