Marbles tang sight for Browning & Win 71.

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This Marble Arms windage adjustable standard peep tang sight is made for the Browning 71 and the Winchester 71. Use Marble mounting screws item number MAR995023 sold seperately.

The Marble Arms® Peep Tang Sight is one of the cornerstones of their line. In the days when iron sights were the rule and scopes were the exception, the Peep Tang Sight was considered the top of the line in both precision shooting and general hunting. The increase in speed is due to the way your vision is drawn through the rear sight. You don’t have to acquire a sight picture. You are looking through the rear sight not at the rear sight. Just put the front sight where you want to shoot and squeeze the trigger. It’s the fastest sight combination for Cowboy Action Shooters. Webster Marble advocated a tang mounted peep sight on every hunting gun and called the Peep Tang Sight "the perfect rear sight." Once you use one, you will agree.

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Marbles tang sight for Browning & Win 71.
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