Chrome Moly Krieger M1A Rifle Barrel

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M1A/M14 Krieger Barrels

  • M1A/M14 medium pattern barrel is the same contour used by the U.S. Marine Corps, uses the standard G.I.op rod guide.
  • Heavy pattern barrel is a full 1.100" diameter as fare as possible from the breech to 1.000" at the operating rod guide and continuing at .990" forward to the gas cylinder.
  • 1" band type operation rod guide included, but not installed, with all HEAVY PATTERN barrels.
  • Manufactured to the same internal and exterior specifications of all of Krieger match barrels.
  • 30 caliber, 4-groove rifling.
  • Chrome moly barrels are Parkerized.
  • Barrels are completely turned, threaded and milled with one exception; approximately .005" to .010" is left on the barrel shoulder for your gunsmith to bring into proper timing when fitted.
  • The gas port is drilled into a groove; gas cylinder, receiver threads, feed ramps and extractor groove are timed off this groove.
  • Your gunsmith will need to finish chambering and headspace.
  • NOTE: Gas port size is different for a 30-06 or .308 M1. Be sure of your chambering! This barrel will need to be properly indexed and chambered.
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Chrome Moly Krieger M1A Rifle Barrel
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