Lock-N-Load Auto Progressive Loader

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Hornady Lock-N-Load AP is an automatic, five station press with the most user adaptable and innovative quick tool change technology of all progessive presses. This is just the tool for those who would rather be shooting and not loading. No pot metal or plastic parts to wear out and break. Shell plates and dies sold seperate. With the following features: Lock-N-Load bushing system lets you switch dies from one caliber to another or change out die stations and begin reloading again in seconds. Change one die or all with one quick twist. Once set, dies are never readjusted again. Uses standard 7/8"-14 dies. Automatic indexing advances shell to the next station. Five stations allow for all the variables. Flexible case retaining to quickly replace a case from the shell plate at any point in the cycle. Lock-N-Load Powder measure included. (For use with black powder loads Hornady Black Powder Measure also can be used, see item #Hob050110). Case activated powder drop included so you get a charge of powder only when a cartridge is in place. Works with any cartridge, pistol to magnum rifle. Cases automatically ejected into the included case catcher. A massive 2" diameter ram for rigidity and durability, rugged frame and linkage and solid die head, no pot metal to break. Now includes new "low drag ejection" and a rifle and pistol powder measure rotor and insert. Instead of just rifle. **Shell Plates not included.**
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Lock-N-Load Auto Progressive Loader
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