Lee Factory Crimp Die for the 223 Remington

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Lee 223 Remington & 5.56x45 Nato factory crimp die

Lee Factory Crimp Die crimps your bullets in place the same as factory ammo. A collet gently, but firmly squeezes the very end of the case into the crimping groove, exactly the same as factory ammo.

Gives a segmented straight crimp, and crimps more firmly than any other tool.

It is impossible to buckle the case as with regular roll crimp dies.

Necessary for hunting and combat. Ammunition will be more accurate and better able to withstand rough handling because the bullet is firmly crimped in place.

Tests demonstrate that even bullets with no cannelure may shoot more accurately if crimped in place with the Lee Factory Crimp Die. A firm crimp may improve accuracy allowing pressure to build to a higher level before the bullet begins to move. This higher start pressure may insure a more uniform pressure curve and less velocity variation. Even powder selection is less critical. Until now, handloaders seated the bullet to touch the rifling to achieve similar results.

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Lee Factory Crimp Die for the 223 Remington
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