Cartridges of the World 17th Edition

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If you’re a serious shooter and reloader, you’ll find the cartridges you love — and many you never dreamed of — in this newest edition of the most widely read cartridge reference book ever published. Here are the latest introductions in standard American sporting cartridges and hottest proprietary rounds, plus authoritative feature articles by the gun industry’s heavy hitters spotlighting everything from the esoteric to the state of the art in ammo. Cartridge design, application, selection, tips, and more ... this book is packed with everything shooters, handloaders and cartridge collectors need to know. Now more extensive than ever at 704 pages, you’ll find information and data on old, new and currently manufactured ammo. Heavily illustrated with more than 1,500 photos, this book is your ultimate guide to current and historical ammunition for handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Details on more than 1,500 cartridges

Updated spec and reference charts

Full-color feature section on shooting and ballistics

Expert advice on handloads and cartridge selection

Dozens of new entries, including trendsetting wildcats

From the latest cutting-edge factory loads to wildcats that will set ballistic trends for years to come, plus updated cartridge descriptions and the newly expanded full-color feature article section, Cartridges of the World, 17th Edition is the most comprehensive reference of its kind and a must-have for your library or reloading bench.

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Cartridges of the World 17th Edition
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