British Enfield Rifle Volume 2, No. 4 & 5

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By Charles R. Stratton. The production of various British Enfield series of .303 rifles spans more than 80 years from 1888 to the early 1970s. They were manufactured in a dozen factories on four continents in dozens of variations. Because there are so many variations, identification of models and types is very difficult, and determining whether or not the rifle is "correct as manufactured" often seems impossible. This volume focuses on the main services rifles in the No. 4 series, the No. 4 rifle (and its conversions), the workhorse of the British and Canadian troops during WWII, and the No. 5 rifle or the "Jungle Carbine". The book includes a chapter on the No. 4 series sniper and competition rifles. 193 pages. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".
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British Enfield Rifle Volume 2, No. 4 & 5
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