Lyman Brass Smith Victory Reloading Kit

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Lyman used all 140 years of their reloading experience with the design of the new Brass Smith Victory Press. This workhorse cast iron press is equipped with our completely new Auto Primer Feed and is the most rugged yet precise single stage press available. Perfect for precision rifle shooters, the Brass Smith Victory Reloading Kit gives reloaders all of the expert grade equipment that they need! The kit features the heavy duty Victory Press, our new Brass Smith Powder Measure, the famous 50th Ed. Reloading Handbook, 1500 grain capacity Pocket Touch Digital Scale with Funnel Pan and dipper, Case Prep Multi-Tool, our Magnum Bullet Puller as well as a loading block and Case Lube Kit.

Single Stage Press Kit includes:

• Brass Smith Single Stage Press

• Brass Smith Powder Measure and Powder Measure Stand

• 50th Edition Reloading Handbook

• Pocket Touch 1500 electronic scale

with Funnel Pan and Dipper>P? • Loading Block

• Case Prep Multi-Tool

• Magnum Bullet Puller

• Primer Tray

• E-ZEE Powder Funnel

• Case Lube Kit

• Powder Dribbler

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Lyman Brass Smith Victory Reloading Kit
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