Anneal-Rite Machine II Cartridge Case Annealing Machine

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A great way to inexpensively anneal your cartridge cases. Includes: Cartridge Case Holder Stand, 2 propane Bottle Holders. Propane torches & gas cylinders not included. 
Cartridge Case Holders and Tempilaq (Item# TEMPILAQ450 & TEMPILAC750) must be ordered separately.

ESCCH1 (Cartridge Case Holder) for 308,30-06,7X57 and cases with a diameter not exceeding .480"
ESCCH2 for 6.5X284 Win,300 H&H Mag,and other belted magnums with a diameter not exceeding .535"
ESCCH3 for 223 abd similar cases not to exceed .378"
ESCCH4 for 22 Hornet,30 Carbine,32 H&R Mag,300 AAC Blackout,221 Fireball and cases not to exceeding .380"
ESCCH5 for 22 Rem Jet,38 Spcl,357 Mag and others not exceeding .450"
ESCCH6 for 44 Spcl,44Mag,44 Auto Mag,41 Mag,414 Super Mag,375 Super Mag,445 Super Mag,45 Colt and cases not exceeding .525"
ESCCH7 for 45 ACP,40 S&W,10MM,and cases not exceeding .480"
ESCCh8 for 30-30,30-40 Krag,303 British,7MM WSM,300 WSM,300 Rem Short Action Mag and cases not exceeding .560"
ESCCh9 for 45-70 460 Weatherby and cases not exceeding .630"
ESCCH10 for 50 BMG and cases not exceeding .810"
Propane torches and gas cylinders not included.
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Anneal-Rite Machine II Cartridge Case Annealing Machine
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