American Rifle Sights, by Tom Rowe

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BRAND NEW! 370 pages. Large volume. 8.75" x 11.25". Hundreds of sharp, detailed photographs. Detailed coverage of the sights found on rifles such as Ballard, Marlin, Colt, Maynard, Peabody, Remington, Savage, Sharps, Stevens, Wesson, Whitney, Winchester, etc. The book covers the products made by the companies that made the rifles as listed above, as well as sight manufacturers such as Lyman, King, and Marbles. Also covered are sights made by experimenters and tinkerers who had some production, often with just a sight or two in their product line. A chapter is devoted to some of the early telescopic sight manufacturers such as Mogg, Malcolm, Sidle, Stevens, and several that are so obscure that most collectors have never heard of them. Sight adjusters, which are occasionally found comprise another chapter. To finish the book the last chapter is devoted to some of the sight patents. The period covered by the book is primarily 1850-1920, with a few more modern sights included. An outstanding new reference book. Publisher: Rowe Books (2019) ISBN-10: 1618501410 ISBN-13: 978-1618501417
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American Rifle Sights, by Tom Rowe
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