Aluminum Mold Holder Bullet Mould Handles

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These lead bullet casting ALUMINUM mould handles are lighter then the steel ones and will fit most one and two cavity RCBS, Lyman, Saeco, Buffalo Arms Co. and many custom bullet moulds. Bullets are more consistent by the elimination of the variable of mould pressure. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from older and handicapped people who have been able to cast with this holder. Feed back has included better bullets (less difference of weight from bullet to bullet), faster, less hand problems and fatigue (very common for older casters). Note, New Feature: The adjusting screw has a brass screw on the toggle to lock the adjustment. Will now work with some 4 cavity moulds. Works with Saeco 4 cavity molds. Approximately half the weight of the steel CT handles!
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Aluminum Mold Holder Bullet Mould Handles
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