500pcs .22 Caliber Rifle VFG Plain Wool Bore Cleaning Wads

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What is special about VFG Care? 

These are also the washable (cold water only) hardened wool wads used in our Bore Wiper system of wiping your black powder cartridge rifle between shots or used for cleaning your modern rifles or pistols. 

What is special about VFG Weapon Care?  Easily and efficiently cleans rifle and handgun barrels with little effort and mess. Can be washed and reused in most instances. I have washed mine many times! Making these cheaper than using patches that you throw out! 

Very absorbent wool wads readily soaks up your favorite cleaning solution.  It is a purely natural product and contains no chemicals whatever. it is stable in shape yet flexible and can be precision stamped in a modern process. When it is stamped, the cut surface presents brush-like properties due to the thousands of fiber ends having an optimum cleaning effect. It is very absorbent and can trap large and small particles of dirt in its tangled fiber structure and so clean them out of the bore. The outstanding absorbency enables it to take up and store liquids (e.g. oil, solvents, polishing paste). it is a textile product and therefore harmless and exceptionally gentle.
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500pcs .22 Caliber Rifle VFG Plain Wool Bore Cleaning Wads
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