5/16x18 Thread Platinum Lined Musket Nipple Only

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5/16"x18 Threaded platinum lined musket nipple. Please check your thread pitch to order the correct nipple. Platinum lined nipples are a must when shooting heavy bullets with large charges. These will withstand pressures generated by these loads without eroding for a long period of time. I have over 1000 rounds fired with 90+ grains of Swiss 1 1/2 F black powder and they are still going strong. I can only get 30-40 shots out of a standard nipple before it is worn out making a platinum nipple far better and cheaper in the long run. The rapid wear in the standard nipples means that each shot is different and materially effects the accuracy of your rifle. Hole diameter is .026".

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5/16x18 Thread Platinum Lined Musket Nipple Only
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