45 Caliber Colt Blank Crimp Die***Special Order Item***

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Blank Crimp Dies will put a perfect six segment rose - crimp on virtually any case. Straight walled cartridges require only the blank crimping die but on most rimless calibers (i.e. 9mm, 45 ACP, etc.) it is necessary to put a shoulder on the case to control head spacing. Therefore, blank crimp sets include a blank crimp die and a shoulder die. (the 5 in 1 set also includes a trim die) All products manufactured by CH4D are made in the USA by Americans at their Mount Vernon, Ohio plant. They also make every effort to find American made tooling and supplies when they make purchases. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find everything in America anymore, so a small amount of the parts that go into their products are imported.
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45 Caliber Colt Blank Crimp Die***Special Order Item***
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