.446" 519 Grain "Money" 1-Cavity Cast Bullet Mould

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This is one of the "Money" cast bullet mould designs made popular by Dan Theadore. The money design is a proven popular design giving you the most efficient ballistics. .768" nose length, 1.488" overall length. For use in guns with 17" twist or faster.

Shown is a ten shot group fired at 400 yards. O.K. so I pulled one shot high. 9 out of ten shots are in 2 1/2" even counting all 10 shots the group is only 4 3/4" tall. The rifle has a krieger 1-17" twist, 44x2.4" Remington straight caliber, 72.3 grains Swiss 1 1/2, 20-1 alloy, SPG lube, .030 poly, Federal GM150M.

***Uses Saeco bullet mold handles item number SAE29000 sold seperately***

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.446" 519 Grain "Money" 1-Cavity Cast Bullet Mould
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