.408" 260 Grain 2-Cavity Flat Nose Bullet Mould

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This .406" diameter 260 grain flat nose bullet mould is designed especially with the 40-82 or 40-65 Winchester in mind. A good bullet for loading your 40-82 or 40-65 Winchester ammo. This now takes the place of the RCBS bullet mold 57916! Top punch for RCBS Lubrisizer #580 item number RCB85580.

Antique Winchesters in these calibers tend to vary in barrel dimensions so be sure to check your rifle. We can make this in larger diameters but antique rifles in this caliber may not chamber a loaded round with a bullet bigger than .408"

***Uses bullet mold handles item number SAE29000, CTALUMINUM or CTHANDLES sold seperately. ***

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.408" 260 Grain 2-Cavity Flat Nose Bullet Mould
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