4 oz Slip 2000 Black Powder Bore Cleaner

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Slip 2000 black powder gun cleaners were designed for use on all black powder guns. Safe to use on wood finishes and plastic. Removes carbon.

Black Powder Gun Cleaner:

Slip 2000 Black Powder Cleaner will dissolve carbon and burnt on powder residue, and lift plastic and lead left behind by most other cleaners on contact.

Recommended for use on all Muzzleloaders and Black Powder Cartridge Rifles

Safe to use on: Wood Finishes Plastic Parts Metal Parts Important:

This product will thourally clean gun and will remove any lingering oils. With any cleaning it is very important to re-lubricate your gun immidiately after any cleaning. Always follow up your cleaning with Slip 2000 Black Powder Lubricant to displace any moisture left behind from cleaning. This will also cut your next cleaning time in half.

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4 oz Slip 2000 Black Powder Bore Cleaner
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