.336" 215 Grn. FN Saeco 2-Dia Bullet Mould 1-Cav.

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SAECO Single Cavity Cast Bullet Mould produces a .336" nominal diameter, 215 grain, Flat Nose obsolete caliber bullet, SAECO bullet #558. SAECO does not make a top punch for this bullet and recommends pan lubing. Per SAECO, this is a two diameter bullet, having the front 3 bands slightly larger than bore diameter of barrel. Rear 3 bands are groove diameter, lube grooves are rounded, without front wiper band. Approximate Bullet Dimensions: Bullet Length-1.04", Bottom of Crimp Groove to Bullet Nose-.411", Meplat-.226".
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.336" 215 Grn. FN Saeco 2-Dia Bullet Mould 1-Cav.
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