308 Winchester (7.62 Nato) Reloadable Brass Cases by Starline

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The venerable .308 Winchester has made quite a name for itself since it was first introduced in 1952. The .308 and its military equivalent, the 7.62x51mm Nato, is a very efficient cartridge that has excellent ballistics, while still being fairly easy on the shoulder. That, and its inherent accuracy have kept it thriving as both a competition and hunting caliber. Starline .308 case is slightly thicker than most other brands towards the base, giving it slightly less case capacity. This feature will allow the reloader to reduce their load slightly and still achieve the same velocity as other brands. Approximate weight of case is 188 grains, mil spec is 170-190 grains.
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308 Winchester (7.62 Nato) Reloadable Brass Cases by Starline
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