Kelley Front Sight with 3/8" DT Extra .200" Height

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Brand New Kelley spirit level front sights .200" taller than the standard model. The CASE COLORED bodies are CNC machined from solid steel and designed to accept readily available Lyman 17A inserts (not included). The sights are made to slip into your dovetail and are locked firmly in place by turning the cam adjusting screw. The spirit level caps and insert locking nuts are made from silicon bronze to match and compliment the Kelley Soule Sights. The spirit level is protected within the globe from both damage and sun glare. Sight height is .750" as measured from the bottom of the dovetail to the center of the insert. These sights will provide years of service and will compliment the finest firearms.
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Kelley Front Sight with 3/8" DT Extra .200" Height
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