1894 Winchester Deluxe 24" Half Octagon 38-55 Win 8+1

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A beautiful rifle that you still dare to shoot. The Model 94 Deluxe Sporting feature Grade V/VI walnut with unique grain patterning that really comes out as you polish it. Keep it stock with the excellent Marble Arms iron sights, or get the full accuracy and range potentional out of the quality button-rifled barre by mounting a scope - the case colored receiver is drilled and tapped for a receiver sight and a hammer spur extension is included to accomadate cocking and decocking with optics mounted.

Quick. Very Quick. The Winchester® Model 94® is the world’s most popular lever-action and today’s rifles utilize the latest manufacturing technology to bring you the most accurate models ever produced. The Model 94 Carbine is a very special rendition of ''the perfect lever-action''. Its size and quickness is perfect for hunting in thick brush for deer, bear, wild hogs and other fast-moving game. Pick your Model 94 and pick out your target.

Generations of performance. It was a Model 94 just like this one that many of your grandfathers and great grandfathers first hunted with. Starting at the turn of the last century it was THE Whitetail gun for decades -- and remains as proficient today as ever. With today's superior ammunition -- designed specifically for lever actions -- the Model 94 is as relevant as any bolt action for many hunting situations. When speed and natural pointing is the priority no rifle beats the Model 94 Carbine.

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1894 Winchester Deluxe 24" Half Octagon 38-55 Win 8+1
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