1878 Coach Shotgun USA Finish 3" 12 Gauge 20"

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Cimarron imported Cowboy Action Shooting version of the famous Colt 1878 Shotgun with real working hammers. Known as "The Coach Gun", this version of the Colt 1878 Shotgun has the shorter 20" barrels for better handling in tight spaces and became popular with stagecoach guards sitting up front next to the driver, protecting passengers, or the valuable Wells Fargo box hidden under the seat, from bandits or other dangers, hence the term "riding shogtun" today. Now you can relive the Old West by owning this fine reproduction of the cowboy gun Colt made in Hartford, Connecticut. Made with fine American Walnut wood, two 3" chambers, 12 gauge clyinder bores, two side-by-side 20" barrels and two triggers, one for each chamber. Firearms weighs approx. 8 lbs and comes in a special "U.S.A. Finish" where the standard blued finish is stripped off the frame and triggers and replaced with a beautiful case color hardening in the same bone charcoal and leather technique used on the originals. Truly and outstanding looking and shooting firearm.
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1878 Coach Shotgun USA Finish 3" 12 Gauge 20"
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