1872 Open Top 7 1/2" Navy Grip .38 Special/Colt Case/Blue Finish

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Cimarron Firearms imported Uberti cowboy action shooting version of the 1872 Open Top Model revolver, The 1871-1872 Open Top was the forerunner of the famous and ever popular 1873 Colt "Model P" or Peacemaker. Open Top revolvers were manufactured during the same period of the time that gave us the percussion conversion models Richards and Richards-Mason types but Open Tops were manufactured as an entirely new model and did not sue percussion revolver parts. Original 1872 Open Top revolvers were produced in rim fire only due to the ready availability of 44 rim fire ammunition used in in Henry and Winchester rifles throughout the Amercian West. Also, the Open Top was engineered to eliminate some of the weaknesses inherent to the Richards and Richards-Mason conversion steels available and, as a result, much stronger than the original.

Specifications: .38 Colt/Special, Case Colored Frame, Standard Blue Finished 7 1/2" Barrel and Engraved Cylinder. Brass Trigger Guard and Grip Frame. 1 Piece smaller sized Navy Walnut Grips. New in Box.

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1872 Open Top 7 1/2" Navy Grip .38 Special/Colt Case/Blue Finish
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