1860 Henry Rifle Civilian 24" 44-40 WCF Brass Frame Standard Blue

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Cowboy Action Shooting Cimarron imported Uberti version of the Henry Rifle Civilian Model - 44-40 Winchester, 24 1/4" Barrel Length, Standard Blue Finish, 12 Rounds Magazine Capacity, Yellow Frame, One Piece Walnut Stock. In 1860, gun maker and inventor, B. Tyler Henry was awarded a patent for a lever action repeating rifle using a self contained cartridge designed by the same. The 1860 Henry rifle was the foremost assault rifle of the 1860s, though never seriously considered for large scale military use. Military minds preferred the slower, but dependable, Spencer rifle. After the war, military surplus killed demand for new Spencers and the Spencer Repeating Arms Company went down for the count. Winchester happily bought out the remains of his failed company. The Cimarron Henry rifle is manufactured to the highest of standards and bears authentic markings of the original. Finished in Cimarron's exclusive Original? finish you can not tell that it is not a 140 year old Henry rifle.
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1860 Henry Rifle Civilian 24" 44-40 WCF Brass Frame Standard Blue
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