1860 Henry Rifle Civil War Model 24" 45 Colt Charcoal Blue

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Cimarron Firearms imported Uberti Cowboy Action Shooting version of the 1860 Henry Rifle Civil War Model - 45 Colt, 24 1/4" Barrel Length, Charcoal Blue Finish, 12 Rounds Magazine Capacity, Yellow Frame, One Piece Walnut Finish. Referred to by Confederate troops as "that damn Yankee rifle that you load on Sunday and shoot all week." It was good fortune for the South that the genius of Northern military leadership decided the boys in blue were better off with their traditional single shot rifles. This faithful reproduction of the 1860 Civil War Henry rifle, complete with military sling swivels, is offered exclusively by Cimarron Firearms Co. The authentic inspector markings of the original are present as well as authentic Henry patent date barrel markings. principle sub inspector Charles B. Chapman and proof marks of B. Tyler Henry, inventor.
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1860 Henry Rifle Civil War Model 24" 45 Colt Charcoal Blue
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