Kirst Konverter for Pietta 44 Caliber 1851/1861 45 Colt/Schofield with Loading Gate

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These Konverters are for the Uberti 1860 Army and Pietta 1860 Army, Pietta 1851 Navy .44cal and Dance. They Convert the Guns to .45LC,.45 Schofield & .45ACP for Uberti & Pietta. Steel Frame Guns only for this Caliber. Please use Low Velocity Ammo or our line of Cowboy low pressure ammunition.

This Konverter are Not Suitable for Uberti made guns only Pietta made guns. (marked CN, CO, CP, +)

Kirst Cartridge Konverter with loading gate to convert the 44 caliber Pietta 1860 Army and 1851 Colt Navy percussion revolvers to shoot 45 Colt/Schofield ammunition (MAX OAL 1.58"). If you load these with 45 colt you will have to load these with MAXIMUM OAL 1.58". The loading gate has been added because it is more convenient to load and unload cartridges without having to remove the barrel to access the cylinder. This does make it necessary that you, the owner, cut a loading groove in the right side recoil shield of your revolver and install the loading gate. This is not a difficult task with a few common tools. Simple, step-by-step instructions and a loading port template are included. This is now manufactured with a color case hardened Konverter Ring and gate. All Kirst Cartridge Konverters are precision CNC machined in the USA from 4140 Steel and heat-treated. No F.F.L. required, S.A.S.S. legal and lifetime manufacturer warranty. The cylinders are rated "For Black Powder or equivalent loads only," which includeds the current Cowboy Loads on the market. .45 caliber cylinders must never be installed in a .36 caliber revolver. The Kirst Cartridge Konverter must NEVER be used in Brass Frame Revolvers. Not for original antique Colt Revolver. Complete your revolver conversion process by adding an ejector assembly.

If you have a second generation Colt it may have been made by Pietta or Uberti. In order to tell you must measure the length of the cylinder from the base of the cylinder to the face of the cylinder. The Pietta will measure 1.91" and the Uberti will measure 1.87".

Please see our selection of cowboy ammunition.

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Kirst Konverter for Pietta 44 Caliber 1851/1861 45 Colt/Schofield with Loading Gate
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