100pcs VFG 16 Gauge Shotgun Plain Wool Pellet Cleaners

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  For light fouling or for oiling and degreasing, we recommend the use of Shotgun Plain Wool Felt Cleaners. For heavy fouling or plastic deposits, cleaning is easier with Shotgun Super Intensive Pellet Cleaners. The Shotgun Super Intensive Cleaning Pellets combines the advantages of the woolen felt cleaner with those of the bronze brush or steel wool and is, therefore, elastic and absorbent. These Super Intensive Cleaning Pellets guarantees a still more efficient cleaning of the bore (also of the cartridge chambers in revolver cylinders).

  This means that, from now on, you can give up using cleaning brushes, steel wool or similar strongly abrasive cleaning tools. With Rifle cleaners intensive, you have the certainty that, thanks to their optimized caliber size, material density and elasticity, they penetrate deeply into the rifling grooves, take up the dirt particles in their porous surface and that, unlike brushes, they do not merely scratch at the surface of the contamination.

  The felt cleaning pellets are supplied with a center hole for easy fitting on the adapter. At the end of the thread is a sloping shoulder. If the felt cleaner is screwed up onto this shoulder, its diameter will be somewhat further increased so that it fits more tightly in the bore. The increased pressure on the wall of the bore will likely lead to more force being required to run the cleaner through the barrel, however, it also leads to a greater cleaning effect.
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100pcs VFG 16 Gauge Shotgun Plain Wool Pellet Cleaners
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