Lyman Carbide Universal Case Trimmer w/9 Pilots

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New Lyman Universal Carbide Case Trimmer with 9 pilots. This new case trimmer adds the longer life and ultra-sharp cutting qualities of a carbide tool to Lyman's well-known Universal trimmer. This new carbide head will hold its edge and dimensions longer, making this trimmer ideal for volume reloaders. Features coarse and fine adjustments. Adjusting ring lets you "dial in" to an approximate setting for quick repeatability. Comes with the 9 pilot multi-pack. No collets to buy, the universal collet will accept up to a 3 1/4" Sharps cases. Some collets may require very slight modification to accept the 50x3 1/4" caliber Sharps cases. Comes with the following pilots: 22 (.22 caliber), 24 (.243 caliber-6mm), 27 (.270 Win.), 28 (.28 caliber), 30 (30 caliber), 9mm, 35 (.35 caliber), 44 (,429 caliber), 45A (.45 caliber).
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Lyman Carbide Universal Case Trimmer w/9 Pilots
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