Howell Cartridge Conversion Info

If your pistol is an older model you will need to send the pistol in to fit your conversion cylinder.

1858 Remington - > Anything older than a 2002 model

1860 Pietta > Anything older than a 2002 model

Anything else should work ok but might need timing and or fitting best done by a competent gunsmith.


What is the age of my pistol, and why is this important?

The quickest way to identify when the pistol was manufactured is to look for the Italian Proof Date Code.  The two-letter code is enclosed in a rectangle and typically on the right side of the pistol,  near the trigger guard, or behind the grip area.  We are not looking for the "PN."  Please reference the chart below.  If the percussion pistol was manufactured prior to 2002, we will request that it be sent in to the manufacturer. Frames and parts are different in older percussion pistols. These slight differences may affect chamber alignment to the barrel and how the cylinder indexes.