When I began shooting the old and obsolete black powder cartridge firearms it took six months to get the brass, dies, moulds and sights together just to shoot the first shot! Because of this, I began this company in the spring of 1990 and have been serving fellow shooters since. In the beginning my total inventory was in my kitchen closet, and the catalog was two paragraphs long!

My continued interest in shooting the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette, Long Range, Cowboy and Buffalo type matches have kept me in close contact with the sport and hobby that I love. I have used these personal experiences to put together a company with knowledgeable people and products necessary to get the old guns shooting. Buffalo Arms Co. is unique in its field because we are the only company that offers knowledgeable experience so important to get the older guns to shoot.

If you call here at Buffalo Arms Company there is a good chance you will be speaking to me. Yes, I still answer the phone, take orders and take out the trash. But if I am on the line with another customer, one of my personally trained associates will be taking your call. At times it can be hard to get through to us on the phone. Please, don't give up! We are helping each customer with the personal attention they have come to expect from us. Our knowledge, experience and service has made us number one in our field.

Respectfully Yours,

Dave Gullo