1/4x28 AMPCO Touch Hole Liner Wrench Type

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TRESO touch hole liners are made from the same tough and erosion resistant Ampco alloy as the TRESO nipples. The flash hole is .0625 diameter. The TRESO flint touch hole liner is installed in a 1/4" x 28 thread in the side of the barrel with a wrench. A new model, available in two thread sizes is removable with a screw driver and is handy for interchangeable flint/percussion lock firearms. We recommend anti-seize material be coated on nipple and touch hole liner threads to make them more easily removed. (Specific installation instructions are listed below. )

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (wrench model): Drill and tap the barrel
for ¼x28 thread at the proper location at the breech. Slightly countersink
hole with a 82° countersink. Install and note if any liner protrudes
into the barrel bore; if it does, shorten inside end to appropriate length.
Tighten liner securely with standard rifle nipple wrench and file flush
with outside of barrel. To remove, enlarge touch hole and remove with
broken bolt (easy-out) extractor.
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1/4x28 AMPCO Touch Hole Liner Wrench Type
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