Cerro-Safe Chamber Casting Alloy, 1lb Ingot

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Cerrosafe has a melting temperature range from 158°-190° F

Note; overheating may cause separation of components of Cerrosafe alloy. Melt Cerrosafe in a double boiler or other means of clean indirect heat. It should be poured from a clean ladle. If a heavy iron bullet caster’s or a plumber’s ladle is used, a propane torch with a low flame can be used to heat the bottom of the ladle until the Cerrosafe is completely molten. A bare tin can may be used as a ladle, with the lip bent to form a pouring spout, and locking pliers used as a handle for the can. If a small can is used, it should be set on a piece of heavy steel and the heat applied to the steel from underneath with a propane torch. Disassemble the firearm as needed to gain access to the chamber. To cast the chamber on a gun that does not have ready access to the chamber (a bolt or lever action rifle for example) you must make a pouring tube and pour the molten Cerrosafe through the tube to reach the chamber. Tubes can be made of steel, brass or aluminum tubing and should have a piece of material flared into a funnel form at the upper end.

Keep the tube as short as possible so the molten Cerrosafe won’t solidify in the tube. You may need an assistant to hold the tube and direct the flame of a propane torch over the tube to keep the Cerrosafe from solidifying in the tube during the pour. The barrel and chamber must be clean and dry. Clean the chamber of the rifle thoroughly and apply a very thin film of oil or graphite. Insert a tight fitting cotton cleaning patch into the bore from the muzzle to serve as a “dam” for the Cerrosafe. Position the cleaning patch about ½” to 1” into the bore ahead of the throat of the chamber. Heat the barrel at the chamber just to the point where it is uncomfortable to hold with your bare hand.  Heat the Cerrosafe as directed above and carefully pour the Cerrosafe into the chamber until it shows a slight mound at the rear of the chamber. Excess Cerrosafe at the rear of the chamber can sometimes prevent removal of the chamber cast. If this happens, melt the Cerrosafe in the chamber with a propane torch on the barrel and pour the Cerrosafe back into the ladle. After the Cerrosafe has solidified, the chamber cast can be pushed out of the chamber. We recommend using a nylon covered steel cleaning rod with a brass jag tip on it. Push out the chamber cast within a half of an hour after casting. If more than an hour elapses after casting before attempting to remove the cast the Cerrosafe will start to expand and will have to be re-melted and allowed to cool in the chamber to remove it. To remove the cast from the chamber, clamp the barreled action horizontally in a padded bench vise and tap the handle of the cleaning rod with the palm of your hand to start the cast free from the chamber. Remove the barreled action from the vise and hold the breech end over a folded towel or shop rag on your bench top. Finish pushing the cast out carefully so that it emerges from the action onto the cloth. Although the cast is relatively hard , it can be damaged it dropped onto a hard surface.

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Cerro-Safe Chamber Casting Alloy, 1lb Ingot
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