40-65 Vickerman Inline Micrometer Seating Die

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Vickerman Micrometer Inline Bullet Seating die for the 40-65 Winchester, 40-70SS and 40-90SS Shiloh using .408"-.410" diameter bullets. This die is the same die as originally designed and maufactured by Winn Vickerman. All parts are made with precision CNC machine tools to insure quality and customer satisfaction. We offer the hand loader a die that consistently will seat bullets with little or no run-out, improving the accuracy of each load. The vickerman is fast and easy to use, no matter the caliber you are loading, just drop your bullet in the window and seat the bullet into the case in one easy motion. The bullet guide is reamed to fit the neck of the case and the bullet slot in the open window is reamed to accept lead long to allow for even the longest bullets. You will also need to use an extended shell holder item #GMWSH27 for the 40-65 Win. caliber.
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40-65 Vickerman Inline Micrometer Seating Die
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