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Shooting Mats For Black Powder Cartridge and modern rifle shooters. It really breaks my heart to see fellow shooters paying the same price for low quality shooting mats made in China of all places. Our Shooting Mats are quality made in the U.S.A. with U.S. labor and materials. 

This large 28" X 66" mat is big enough for every one. It is light enough for easy traveling, yet lays out flat for use. 1/2" thick high density closed cell pad for extra protection from the ground, along with large tough grip rubber insures that you have a stable shooting platform that is so vital to top scores. It has a water proof bottom and tough canvas top to help keep the mat and shooter dry.

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Shooting Mat, Roll and Flat Mat all in One Item: SHOOTINGMAT Low Stock
Manufacturer: Buffalo Arms Co. $109.95
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